Agriculture, in literal terms, may also be referred to as husbandry or farming and involves the cultivation of natural resources such as plants and animals to produce other resources for the enhancement and sustainability of human life.


In college, students who took a degree in Agriculture gain knowledge about the necessary skills and fundamental concepts and knowledge related to Agriculture which is very important in the industry. Students are educated about the common issues involved in the agricultural industry from producers to agribusinesses to issues concerning the environment. They also received training relevant to the integration and management of these agricultural issues. 


Of course, some of these Agriculture graduates may have also considered teaching at some point in their career to be able to share their knowledge and experiences to other students in a classroom setting and have decided to take teaching certification tests to have the necessary credentials they will need to get into educational institutions and work as a teacher or instructor.


The Praxis II Agriculture teaching certification test is one of the widely-recognized teaching tests across the different states in the US. The Praxis II test allows test takers to earn a license to teach Agriculture subjects in schools. And if you are one of the many people interested in knowing more about why you should take the Praxis II Agriculture exam, gives you the insights about your Praxis II test and provides the necessary tools and references you will need. 


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Praxis II Agriculture

Agriculture Subject Exam Info for Praxis II test

ABOUT THE AGRICULTURE SUBJECT TEST   The Praxis 2 teaching licensure exam measures teacher graduates’ knowledge and skills using subject-specific content knowledge including general and subject specific skills in teaching. Taking this test is required in many states across the US as a standard...
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