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Praxis II Agriculture 0780

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An Overview Of The Praxis II Agriculture 0780 | Other Praxis II Agriculture Exams are 0700, 0900 and 5701


Those who teach secondary-level agriculture in Pennsylvania public schools are required to pass the PRAXIS 2 Agriculture (PA) exam as part of their certification. Candidates are allotted two hours to complete the exam, which contains 120 multiple-choice questions about six major areas of agricultural studies: soil science; plant science; leadership and supervised occupational experience; animal science; agricultural mechanics; and agricultural economics. Most of those who take the PRAXIS II Agriculture (PA) exam have a B.A. in agricultural education. Some questions on the test do not factor into the score. Under our website, we also cater other exams that are related to Agriculture 0780, and these are Agirculture 0700 and 0900. Another one is the Agriculture 5701 which is a computer-based examination.


Scope Of The Praxis II Agrilture 0780 Exam


 Soil Science


The PRAXIS 2 Agriculture (PA) test contains 18 questions about topics in soil science, such as characteristics of soil, including soil classes, profiles, structure, textures, and types;  issues of safety in soil science; preservation of land; and ways to test and restore soil fertility.


Plant Science

Eighteen questions on the PRAXIS II Agriculture (PA) test are about plant science. They deal with five main areas: the anatomy and physiology of plants; gathering, processing, and storing crops; plant science safety; types of crops; and irrigating, pruning, and rotating crops, as well as other plant culture topics.


Leadership and Supervised Occupational Experience


Study plans for the PRAXIS II Agriculture (PA) exam should additionally include a review of various types of farming experience and leadership concerns. Questions regarding supervised occupational experience focus on different farming experiences, such as supervising, assuring safety, planning, documenting, producing, and conserving. The leadership section chiefly deals with these three areas in relationship to the Future Farmers of America (FFA) and other major agricultural programs: career building, organizational development, and personal development. Twenty-four questions on the PRAXIS II Agriculture (PA) exam pertain to leadership and supervised occupational experience.


Animal Science



The animal science portion of the PRAXIS II Agriculture (PA) exam is comprised of 18 questions pertaining to safety issues in animal science; careers in animal science; livestock management; animal products and animal product processing methods; livestock types and breeds; and animal physiology and anatomy.


Agricultural Mechanics


A study plan for the PRAXIS II Agriculture (PA) test should also include a review of agricultural mechanics. The test’s 24 questions on this topic focus primarily on farm construction; agricultural machinery; farm shop procedures; safety concerns relating to agricultural mechanics; jobs in agricultural mechanics ; and water and soil structures.


Agricultural Economics


The PRAXIS II Agriculture (PA) exam additionally contains 18 questions regarding agricultural economics. These questions pertain to careers in agribusiness; agribusiness services and supplies; and safety issues. They also focus on principals of economics, like the law of supply and demand; management issues, including budgeting, documentation, taxes, and appreciation and depreciation; marketing concerns, including advertising, appraisals, inspections, and futures; and legal issues agriculture, such as estate planning, leases and contracts, types of ownership, and water rights.


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