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The PRAXIS 2 Biology: Content-Knowledge, Part I, exam (0231) consists of 75 multiple-choice questions concerning topics in biology: classical genetics and evolution; diversity of life, plants, and animals; ecology; fundamental scientific principles; molecular and cellular biology; and science, technology, and society. Examinees have one hour to complete the test, which is often a state licensure requirement for high school biology teachers. Not all questions factor into the score.  Additionally you may be interested in 0235, 5235 content knowledge and 0233 bioology content essay exams.


Pass Biology 0231 Test, Exam Consits of Ecology, Science, Technology and Society sections


The PRAXIS II Biology: Content-Knowledge, Part 1, exam contains approximately 10 questions in each of these areas: 1) ecology and 2) science, technology, and society. The ecology questions deal with three chief subjects: communities, ecosystems, and populations. Biomes, biogeochemical cycles, how humans affect ecosystems; niches, succession, and species diversity; population growth, dispersion patterns, and life-history patterns are some of the specific question topics.  Questions about science, technology, and society focus on current developments, issues and applications, and ethics. Prolonging life, genetic cloning, radiation, prenatal testing, human population growth, energy use and production, and the production and use of consumer goods are among the specific question topics in this section of the test.


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The PRAXIS 2 science biology 0231 exam additionally includes about 11 questions on evolution and classical genetics. The evolution section deals primarily with the origins of life, speciation, population genetics, evidence, phylogeny, and mechanisms. The genetics section of the biology  exam predominately pertains to Mendelian and non-Mendelian inheritance, linkage, probability, genetic disorders among humans, and environmental factors.  Every teacher must prepare for their certification the right way.


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Roughly 12 questions on the PRAXIS 2 Biology 0231 test have to do with molecular and cellular biology, focusing mainly on molecular genetics, the chemical basis of life, and cell structure and function. Topics include, respectively, DNA, viruses, mutation, and cancer; pH, buffers, and respiration; and cytokinesis, meiosis, and mitosis. About 13 questions on the Praxis 2 exam deals with fundamental scientific principles. In part, these questions concern scientific methodology, field practices, laboratory methods, safety procedures, measurement, math, and handling data. Most questions on the exam deal with the diversity of life, plants, and animals. This portion of the test consists of about 19 questions. Topics include the kingdoms and classifications of plants and animals; plant anatomy, physiology, and reproduction; and animal evolution, reproduction, and learned as well as inherited behaviors.


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Praxis II Biology Content Knowledge Part 1 0231

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Praxis II Biology Content Knowledge Part 1 0231

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