Chemistry is one of the branches of Physical Science that deals with the study of matter, its composition, structure, changes and properties. It is complex field of study that involves mixtures, compounds, chemical reactions, energy, elements and more. There are also many formulas and computations involved in Chemistry. 


During college, students are introduced to the fundamentals of the subject and are taught in a classroom setting. Aside from the classroom discussions and lectures, students are given hands-on laboratory activities where they can apply their practical knowledge and understanding. 


Chemistry also comes in a variety of subdisciplines that are considered opportunities for degree holders. From Biochemistry to Neurochemistry, Chemistry degree holders can work in a variety of professions and industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Catalysis, Biotechnology, Medicine, Technical Writing and Teaching. 


When a Chemistry degree holder decides to pursue a career in teaching, taking the necessary teaching certification exams to earn a valid certificate is required. One of these teaching certification tests includes the Praxis II exams. The Praxis II Chemistry exam is one of the most competitive certification tests in the teaching industry. The Chemistry examination allows degree holders to earn a valid license that will allow them to work at schools and other institutions. helps Praxis II Chemistry exam takers get acquainted with the Chemistry examination better by providing the most comprehensive options from study guides and flashcard systems to online and private tutorial services. Read more about the Praxis II exams and the best ways to successfully pass your test here at today!

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Praxis II Chemistry

Chemistry Subject Test | Test Prep and Study Guide

Study Guide and Practice Test for Chemistry   The Chemistry exam in the Praxis 2 exam series is one of the subject tests offered among many others that degree holders can take to get their teaching license. Since most schools require teacher applicants to have a valid license, taking the Praxis...