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English is considered to be the first “lingua franca” or the bridge language connecting people of all race and origin around the world.  It is used in almost all aspects of communication, in teaching and education and in everyday life activities. Some students develop an in depth interest in the language and considered taking up a course relevant to studying English – its origins, its compositions, the literature and its most technical details.


English is too vast to be discussed in a simple way. From nouns to conjunctions, vocabulary and spellings and more, English covers a variety of topics and subtopics relevant to sentence construction and word usage. And taking up a course relevant to English may probably require spending years in college studying its fundamentals and its most advanced aspects.


ETS English Exam Grade Levels for Teacher Certification Candidates


ETS exams are offered in various states whose codes differ dependent on state requirements.   Grade levels include 4 8 middle school, 7 - 12 high school, k- 3 elementary and k - 6 dependent on the state.


Of course, there are many job opportunities available for someone with a degree in English. From earning employment relevant to publishing and advertising, becoming a creative writer or journalist to becoming an editorial assistant, to becoming a certified school teacher who specializes in teaching the subject, there are many opportunities available for degree holders.


Teaching Degree and Opportunities for English Educators


And the opportunities of a degree holder in child development includes becoming an assistant clinical instructor, a child life specialist, a teaching assistant or a teacher at pre-schools and day care centers; however, getting employment at these schools can be quite of a challenge especially with the high standards and the increasing demand for more competent teachers in the industry. With this, taking a teaching licensure exam becomes an increasing necessity to qualify better and obtain security in your teaching career.


Some of the new ETS Exams for the year 2014 |15 in English 5039 | 5361 | 5049 | 5156 and more.


5039  Language Arts: Content and Analysis 

5038  Language Arts: Content Knowledge  

5044  Language, Literature, and Composition: Content and Analysis 

5361  English to Speakers of Other Languages 

5049  English Language Arts

5154  English Language Arts and Social Studies 

5156  Pennsylvania Grades 4-8 Subject Concentration: English Language Arts 


Learn more about the English ETS offered tests and how you can earn a certification by taking the.  

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Praxis 2 English arts prep for teacher certs

English Language Arts | Content Knowledge | Analysis | Arts | Social Studies Prep for ETS teacher cert exams

ABOUT THE ETS ENGLISH SUBJECT TESTs and it\'s respective exam codes   Review for your test today with the collection of study guides prepared by educators to help you pass your ETS english exam. The Praxis 2 English exam is only one of the many Praxis 2 teaching certification subject tests...