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The Teaching Foundations refer to the subjects of matter in the teaching-learning process such as English, Science and Mathematics. In general, it simply means that in teaching English, Science and Mathematics, mentors must always take into consideration the learning differences of each individual learner. Thus, it is very important for a teacher to know the fundamental theories and methods that will help them in providing great quality of education to the learners.


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Under the Teaching Foundations are of addressing the learning differences of students, their special needs, their development as a human being, assessing the students’ progress in their learning process, techniques in managing the classroom, and the teaching methods in English that will be useful in aligning their learning objectives to the needs of the learners. If a teacher has knowledge and understanding in these matters, then he or she will likely able to develop the students’ learning in a specific subject or topic.


For example, if the teacher takes into consideration the Teaching Foundations that are relevant in teaching English as the focus of a discussion for tomorrow, the teacher will know what will be the needs of the students and therefore, can make instructional materials and learning objectives that are in line with the learner’s demand.


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After knowing the specific teaching method that is fit for the teaching-learning process, the teacher can now apply these methods in managing the learning progression of the students and will be able to obtain the objective of building the reading and comprehension skills of each individual participant in the classroom. But, we must also not forget that in as part of the objective of a teacher, we must need to make certain that the students were really able to understand and gain knowledge on the specific topic and that is through assessments and activities that may be either individual or group activity. Through the results of the assessments and activities, a mentor will know if he or she was successful in delivering quality education to the students in the United States of America.


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